Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Simple Homemade Chicken Stock/Soup!

Today has been a fun day so far! For the first time in a while I got to wake up and head straight into the kitchen, and not just to make breakfast.

But before we get to that, I want to talk about last night. Last night I made a simple homemade Alfredo sauce with chicken. We bought skin-on, boned chicken because it's significantly cheaper if we do the work ourselves, but, as I was de-boning the chicken, I wondered "What can I do with all these bones, skin and fat?" Instantly a vision of Anne Burrell from Food Network popped into my head. I  had just watched her show the day before and she had made chicken stock. She explained it was just three easy steps: Boil, Simmer, Strain. And she was right, it really is that simple.

So this morning I went straight to work. I roughly chopped carrots, a green pepper, a red pepper, a tomato, an onion and some garlic. That, along with the chicken bones, skin, fat and whatever meat was attached all were thrown into a big pot, covered with water and let to boil.

Once at a rolling boil I added a couple bay leaves, some salt and pepper, a dash of basil and parsley and a pinch of saffron and rosemary and let to simmer, covered, for about three hours.

After that I set a colander over another pot and strained my stock from the chicken bones, veggies and everything else. If I wanted, I could have left it like that. Chicken stock is great for many things including making rice and bolognese. But I was definitely in the soup mood (I know, strange considering the weather), so after I strained the soup I picked apart the chicken pieces and threw them back into the stock along with the carrots and onion. It was delicious.

There's no real recipe to this guys, just do what Anne Burrell said: Boil, Simmer, Strain. Put whatever you want in it with your raw chicken scraps. Just make sure to cover it with water so that everything cooks well. Simple and delicious! 

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Comment Question:
1. Do you eat soup in summer?


  1. Great post! I'm writing up my own chicken stock post right now actually. I used a whole chicken, but I was able to make a SECOND stock just using the leftover bones. It's really a great money saver.

  2. Thanks Laura! I can't wait to read your version =]
    I know! I got a whole meal for 6 PLUS a big pot of chicken soup out of just 3 chicken breasts! I'm sure you'll have enough stock to last you months! =]

  3. Nothing like homemade stock! Now if only it were a bit cooler here...

  4. I'm ashamed to admit I've never made my own stock before!! I need to use this as inspiration to get a pot of it made soon!
    I definitely eat soup in the summer - however, just recently it was cold gazpacho :-)

  5. yummu! i eat soup all year round! but specially now! here is winter, so probably im using your "recipe" soon!

  6. soup looks awesome...love the color..must be delicious...